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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by ravenwaver, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. ravenwaver

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    I am resurrecting my 1990 GMC Suburban 1500 4x4. It needs to get some love. It sat for 4 years in my back lot. I added some starter fluid, some Turbo 108 and fresher gas to the tank, a new battery, and it started on the second crank....

    I need help in 2 areas: I need to upgrade the lighting and I need a source for custom engine chip programming.

    First and easiest (I hope) is getting projector headlights for my 1990. It has a pair of sealed beam headlights along side each other on each side of the front grille. I have tried several sites but I do not believe they are offering the right lights for this model year. Does anyone have experience with these 1990 models and a source for projector beam headlights?

    Second is the custom chip. I have had my Chevy 350 rebuilt for a supercharger but I am now beyond the air/fuel map. At idle, I am OK. As soon as I come off idle, way too lean. So I need larger fuel injectors. perhaps a higher pressure fuel pressure regulator, and a custome chip. I need help on this one especially.

    Thanks Jim
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    Hi, and welcome to the site!:glasses: Someone here should have some answers for you!
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    Welcome to the site!

    I am not familiar at all with the 90's trucks, but I bought my projector headlights for my 05' from sport truck direct dot com. You might be disappointed in the light output from them though, a lot of people complain about the bulbs in them and often have to upgrade the bulbs.
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome to the site.:glasses:
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    Welcome from Scappoose OREGON :great:
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    Welcome to the site! Hopefully some of our vendors will help direct you for the chip and even lighting if possible.
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    Thanks all for the welcome.....I have previous experience with projectors in my Synchro Vanagon....I need the projectors because the light reflectors in these headlights are designed so that glare is minimized for on-coming drivers....I intend to upgrade to 8K HID's and I don't want to be blinding other drivers. I see many trucks with the cheap bulb only upgrades and the light reflectors in these headlights cause so much glare it is dangerous.

    Another question for the group...especially Oregonians....I need a cargo box fab'ed out of square profile aluminum....any ideas on good welder's that can tackle this job?

    If anyone sees crank driven superchargers for sale and aren't interested, please forward info to me! My 350 is built for this application (8.5:1 compression, ported, complete Edlebrock top end, ARP bolts, Edelbrock throttle body, Edelbrock headers. All I need now is the S/C, more fuel, and a chip!

    Have a great weekend
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    Welcome to the site! Some of the gear heads will be along soon and help out!

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