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    Hi all,
    I found this great club and forum while looking for some info about my new wheels. Just bought a creampuff '93 GMC Sub. 2wd with only 90,000 miles. It's been a western NY truck all its life but the previous owner only towed a camper with it in the summer and kept it parked in the garage during our long salt (snow) season. Pretty much rust free, even the alloy wheels still look great. All it needed was a radio that worked but I see from reading other posts that's a common problem. Put an aftermarket one in and some good speakers and it's good as new. This is my 5th GM truck, 6th if you count the wifes '03 s10 Blazer. I bought this truck to replace my '98 Dakota. We bought the Dodge new ( had a weak moment!) and drove it as far as we could (115,000 miles) but the rust has taken over and it's time to put her out of her misery. I came to my senses and returned to GM and I'm glad I did. Got lots of room for my boys hockey gear and a teammate or three when we travel to Canada for tournaments. I know from my first Suburban that this one will be a real halftrack in the snow, even without 4wd. I plan on having this truck for another ten years and 100,000 more miles. It's good to know that when I need to maintain or repair it I'll be able to check with the GM Truck Club forums and find out how to do it! :great:


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    Hi, and welcome to the site!!! :great:
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    Welcome to the site!
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    Welcome to the site! Looks like you found a "keeper"!
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