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    Hello to all in the group.
    Many years ago I had a 1970 Chevy 1/2 ton pick up. That was a great truck and served we well. Then some years later I bought a full size 1976 GMC Jimmy (Blazer) and I have missed it many times over the years since I sold it. A momentary mental loss I guess. A few years later I owned a 1979 3/4 ton Suburban and liked everything about that except the gas milage. I was driving a long way to and from work and just had to get something I could afford to put gas in. I had several various cars and even a couple mini vans. But as I am sure you all know, there is just nothing like driving a Chevy Truck.
    I have been watching for a Chevy Tahoe 2dr model for the last couple years. I actually found one for sale only about 30 miles from home. COOL!
    I looked at it, test drove it and fell in love with it. I bought it and drove it home that day.
    So I now am driving a 1997 Chevy Tahoe 2dr 4wd with the Z71 Off Road pkg and the rear "Barn Doors".
    Except for the color this is almost exactly how I would order one if I had the opportunity.
    It has a lot of miles on it but was very well cared for. I bought it form the original owners so I know it was treated well through its life so far. The gal that owned it drove it to work most of the time so that accounts for all the miles. It looks nice and the interior is in good condition. Everything works.
    So finally after many years when I drive down the road I actually have a Chevy truck again.
    I really feel comfortable riding in my new (to me) Chevy Tahoe 2dr.
    The 97 2dr Tahoe is just about the same as the 76 GMC Jimmy I had years ago. Only better.
    So now I am starting out detailing some things I want to change. I also am very involved with Amateur Radio (KB9RYI) and will be designing how I will mount the radios and antennas in my new mobile Ham radio station. There is lots of room for mounting radios so this will be a fun project to do.
    I am married with 3 children and 6 grand children. I have worked as an Industrial Electrician for going on 32 years. I very much look forward to retiring and doing some traveling around the country. I plan to go through the 97 Tahoe 2dr and have everything up in shape ready to hit the road when I retire.
    You got to have a plan right...
    Again Greetings to all on board here and I am looking forward to getting to know some of you and who knows maybe even get to meet some of you Chevy Truck owners one day.

    So you all travel safe now and God Bless, John
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    Welcome to the site.
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    Welcome to the GMTC.
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    Welcome to the site John!
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    Welcome John, extremely well written, hope your adventures are good and may your truck bring you happiness. Like them 2 Dr. Tahoe's they are mini Burbans and work quite well......

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    Welcome to the site, John. Sounds like you have your plan all worked out, and just to let you know retirement is just as good as you have imagined! If you get a chance, fill out the "signature" section in the User CP section, so everyone know a little about you and yours when you post. Have fun!
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    Welcome to the site :sign0016:
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    Welcome to the site!

    THE STARGAZER New Member

    97 Tahoe 2dr update.

    I just wanted to post a note to update on my progress with the truck.
    I am getting the radio equipment installed and will have a scanner/monitor, a Dual Band Amateur Radio, a CB all mounted in a console mounted on the transmission tunnel. So far I have the radios mounted and the antenna for the Dual Band Amateur radio installed. This I did working in the driveway while it was around +10 degrees with a 25 mph "breeze" blowing. My feet still feel frozen. On my next day off work I plan to get the power wires run from the fuse box under the hood to my power block under the dash. Then I will get up on the roof and drill the hole to mount the CB antenna.

    Also I just ordered a set of the GM Truck Club decals to put one on each side window to advertise the club.

    I am having a great time driving my 97 Tahoe 2dr. It feels so good to be driving a Chevy Truck again.
    When I get finished with the radio install and get the club decals installed I will take some pics and post them so you all can see how great the GM Truck decals look on it.
    I hope the decals will work right in the sub-freezing temps we have here in Wisconsin.
    Maybe if we get a day up in the 40's I might do it then.
    Thanks to all who keep this site going. I have learned so much on here from so many people.
    Its really a great site for GM Truck owners.
    Take care every one and stay warm, God Bless one and all, John
    97 Tahoe 2dr - Z71 Off Road pkg - towing pkg - Rear Barn Doors - Factory Molded Running Boards.

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