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Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by blkcamarols1, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. blkcamarols1

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    I found this ground strap, on the passenger side of the engine, not connected on one end and was wondering if someone could tell me where the other end should go? It's on my 97 K1500 and I've been having some problems with the charging system. My voltage drops once a press the gas and will drain my battery and kill the truck unless I let it idle. I've got a new battery and tested the alternator at 2 different places, both times it was good. So I think I have a bad ground somewhere any help would be very much appreciated

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  2. billnorman

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    Usually there are a couple of ground straps. One place on older trucks is between the left head and the firewall. It doesn't make much difference where it's connected as long as it's solid ground and it's tight. Depending on the location of the allternator, some go to the mount bracket. Ground is just as important as the (+) power lead, as all current must make a full circuit to do the required work. If that illustrated one is near the starter, ground it to a starter mount bolt if convenient. Use a washer between the bolt head and the strap especially if the strap doesn't have a good terminal lug on it so you don't twist it off. I have seen engines burn up wires from lack of grounds. All the (1200 amps) starter current has to ground through something.
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    With most of the major components(eg. engine, cab, box) being mounted on rubber vibration isolators, electrical ground straps are vital.
    The cab should have a strap to the frame rail, and the engine should have a strap to the frame rail.
    You need a good ground strap (probably located at the rear bumper area) between the frame and the rear box.
    Todays tail light wiring may include more ground wires in the harness so the box bonding straps may not be as critical as they used to be on the older models.
    It's also important for those connections to be clean.
  4. blkcamarols1

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    Thanks for all the info, it's really appreciated.

    Could not having that ground strap connected in the proper place be the cause of my alternator/charging system mystery? The Volt meter shows about 14V at idle but when I hit the gas the meter instantly drops and the truck will die, and have to be jumped, unless I let off the gas which sounds like a ground issue to me or a bad alternator and the tests at the local parts stores aren't worth a damn because it tested good twice.
  5. Scott_Anderson

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    With electronics now a days it's possible. Most of the computer stuff, the pcm itself, your dash pod, etc, are most all gounded to the cab (sheet metal). The alternator is grounded to the engine. If the cab and engine aren't connected together, the circuit currents can't flow thru the indended paths and will then flow the path of least resistance, anyway it get thru. It can make for very strange happenings.
  6. blkcamarols1

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    Well I connected that ground strap to a starter bolt and it didn't help at all I still have the same problem so I have no idea where to start with troubleshooting
  7. dipstick

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    Good info billnorman .. gitter done

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