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Discussion in 'Lighting Discussion' started by thejms, Jan 6, 2010.

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    One day while sifting through page after page of search threads, I thougth I came across a thread about how to change the color of the lighting for your gauge cluster. Today however, I am unable to find such a thread.

    Can you get some assistance? Is there a write up out there explaining how to do this. Has this been done?

    I have an 02 Sierra and would love to have the back lighting of my cluster to be blue. Any help is appreciated

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    I did the swap on my 2000 silverado and boy does it make a difference. I got the bulbs from Very simple and cool results
  4. pmf608

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  5. Shmeag

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    So i read all the posts in your thread and noticed that i can change the dash cluster and heater lights, but i was wondering if i can change out the lights in my radio. Do yoo have the stock radio? If so did you try to change those as well? I just want to have all the lights on my dash the same. Will this work with red led's?
  6. pmf608

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    this will work with any color LED's you want, but there are green light filters behind all the lighted parts except i think window switches (dont have them, so im not 100% sure). That is what gives the stock lights that horrible green-white color. Im not sure on the radio as I had the cheap cassette and replaced it quickly, but i can take a look to see what would generally be involved because I still have it and I know it is possible.
  7. Shmeag

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    Alright thanks let me know after you figure it out. Can you take out the green filter or can you not even tell there is a filter when you change the color?
  8. pmf608

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    if you go to blue or green, the filter wont affect it. it will affect white and probably red. for the gauges, i believe you have to remove the gauge face and scrape it off carefully. to do the rest, you just have to get to the faceplate and scrape the green off (easy since everything else makes the faceplates easy to get to when you take them apart.
  9. Shmeag

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    Alright cool. is the filter like a tape or is it painted on?
  10. thejms

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    Thats for all the replys, that was in fact the write up I was looking for!:great:

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