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    Got a tow call 2 seeks ago from our 911 Communications, Stating that there was a 2 car accident and there was one person pinned under the vehicle and to haul ass to the scene. 10 minutes after the call we rolled up to the accident. This is what was left of a 6 week old Silverado. Driver was ejected and the truck rolled on top of him. Life flight was called in to transport. The guy that was driving this truck walked in to our shop in less than 24 hours. We were all in shock. He got out with minor injurys and is walking with a slight limp. The truck that hit him was an older Ford. That guy was traveling 55-60 mph and failed to stop at the intersection.

    I have to say that this guy had ahis Guardian Angel with him that day as he was not wearing his seat belt
  2. reggiecab2000

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    WOW! definitely an angel there
  3. 09mgray

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    Deff an Angel Watchin him I've been to many Calls like this myself
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    Lucky man. I'd like to think he'll be wearing his seat belt from now on!

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