Shooting gun pics - rifles, shotguns, and pistols who has what and lets see pics!

Discussion in 'Sports & Outdoors' started by sgtsjj, May 22, 2011.

  1. SurrealOne

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    The far left is a heavily modified Bushmaster M17S (the only American-made 5.56 NATO bullpup). The Shotty is a heavily-modified Mossberg 500A. The far right is a completely custom (i.e. built from scratch; all parts hand selected) AR-15.
  2. rileyjr16

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    Marlin XL-7 (sold) 30-06
    Remington 700 30-06
    Browning Belgian Auto 5 Light Twelve
    Remington 870 Wingmaster 20 ga
    Winchester Model 67A .22 (pre 38)
    S&W Sigma .40
    Remington Speedmaster .22LR
    Winchester 94 30-30
    Remington "real" Wingmaster 12 ga
  3. sgtsjj

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    ok so this thread kinda died down but i figured id post an updated pic of my AR, i got a an Eotech 3x magnifier for my red dot and a flip up rear sight on it now, the next thing i have to buy for it is a tac-light

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  4. alanbmx

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    P1000946 resize 1028x823.jpg
    top to bottom
    S&W M&P 45ACP
    S&W M&P 9mm
    1939 8mm Mauser Sport
    1970's Remmington 22 pump
    Ruger 10-22
    Mossburg 500 tactical 12 gauge
    Ruger SR-556e
  5. dsfloyd

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    I still need to post up pics of mine. Will do when I can finally pick up the new one I bought for my daughter (a pink 31" single shot .22 chipmunk:lol:)
  6. BlackSmoke*

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    Just got this bad girl.

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  7. Chuggo

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    Spikes Middy.
  8. dsfloyd

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    Illegal in CA though :grrrrrr:. It has those "scary characteristics", you know that "collapsable stock thingy" and that front grip that makes the gun "sooooooooo much more dangerous". Nevermind that "high capacity magazine" Those "evil black rifles" are sooooooo scary. :sign0023::no:
  9. the phantom

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    Yeah made illegal here in NY recently also. Grandfathered in if you already own one but you have to get on the list and register them so they know where to go and get them when they decide they dont want you to have it anymore or big brother hears you talking bad about him. Exactly what Hitler did. Welcome to Nazi NY and CA
  10. 1BadSierra2011

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    This is only picture i have right now of one of my guns. This is my baby! Howa .308 BA.

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