Gutless *&%#@*@# &^$$#%^*in' coward keyed my hood!

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by ramu3527, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. ramu3527

    ramu3527 Member

    [h=3]Yep, some SOB keyed the front of my hood. Now that I'm done taking a baseball bat to half the closet doors in my house I'm ready to move on.

    As we all know, there's nothing like a factory finish (even if they could match the color) so I won't be getting it repainted. Also, it's just on the front edge of the hood (thank God) so I'm thinking a little touch up paint to stop it from rusting and a bug deflector (which I don't even close to want on my truck)...

    ...hang on a sec, I need to tear this Door OFF THE *^@*%@*ING HINGES!!!

    Ok, I'm better now (but not really)...

    I guess my reason for this thread is to see if anyone has, not only advise about 'good looking' bug deflectors but has muli-angle pictures of them on their trucks. It would have to be a late model truck as I have a Silver Birch '08 Sierra SLT Crew with the All Terrain package (yes it was a gorgeous truck)...

    ...hang on, there's a couple more closet doors left!!!


    I have seen the EGR, AVS and Stampede deflectors and they all seem to have a decent, low profile product. What I need are pics...a lot of pics...

    And who goes through the automatic car wash with their deflector on, anybody? I used to have a F150 (yeah yeah, I know) with a deflector on it because the paint started to chip and I drove that through the car wash all the time so I think the ones that screw in under the hood using the factory holes will be alright for the wash but what about others?

    Fella's, I need your help!



    PS...If anybody needs me I'll be hanging from a rafter...[/h]
  2. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Former Member ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    While my truck is not late model, I figure I should show you what's possible. I've got a WeatherTech bug shield on my truck. I got it to protect my cowl induction hood's paint after the hood was done ... because my old hood had lots of rock chips on the leading hood edge and I didn't want that to happen to my new hood. You can see it in this picture as well as in my signature picture if you look carefully. I'm blessed with the fact that my truck is dark so it blends nicely. Also the matched vent visors from WeatherTech also help unify the look. (I had those first, though...)

  3. ramu3527

    ramu3527 Member

    Yeah, that's a pretty low profile deflector...
    Nice truck by the way...

    LOVINTHESTORM Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    Alright @ramu3527, quit freaking out. I know what happen to you is terrible but your truck can still look good. I know what you mean about not wanting a bug sheild on your truck , me neither. But I noticed not long ago that now a days they make these things called hood skins. Man let me tell you they aren't to bad. It seems to cover about the same area but it's way low profile. Check out the phantom pic's he has one. You can find him on my friends list. I think it tells what brand it is in his sig pic but I'm not sure. Just message him if it doesn't.

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