Gutter mount rack options?

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  1. endneu913

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    Has anyone had an experience with gutter mounting different types of racks and baskets? I cant seem to find any Chevy/ GMC specific gutter mounts. I have the basket already, but just want to customize it for my 05 Express by using the mounting feet. So far all i can find is this:

    Defender Roof Rack Heavy Duty Rain Gutter Clamps Set of 4, 3"- 4.5" Tall - Rain Gutter Mount Kits - Off Road Unlimited

    Any info, help or suggestions would be awesome.. before i go off the fabrication deep-end!


    - Grae
  2. troutbug

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  3. lseann

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    How about just buying a gutter mount van ladder rack off of craigslist and just mount all of your stuff to that. I bought a used one off craigslist for like 50.00,I think it is made by CrossTread or something like that.
  4. endneu913

    endneu913 New Member

    Those quick and easy ones look pretty good.... Says they are 7" tall though. Ill measure what the apex of the roof is compared to the rails... Im trying to have this rack as low as possible.... Like an inch off the roof.

    Ive considered the other idea, but again... Gotta keep it low low low.... Lol
  5. troutbug

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    Yeah they were pretty tall if I remember correctly. The same with the ones made by Yakima and Thule also. You may check out makers of safari racks such as Surco, and see if they sell any components separately. Maybe you can find something that you make work for your application.
  6. endneu913

    endneu913 New Member

    Update. I Went with the Defender mounts, They worked GREAT. I would recommend them highly to anyone trying this sort of thing. That clamp well on the gutter, are very low key, and adjustable heights, making it super easy to get this rack i got nice an low.

    Pics to follow

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