H E L P ..Question about gears in a 4X4 !!!!!! H E L P ..

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    Hi all,

    as some of u guys can see i have a 1996 K2500 with a 14 bolt 1 ton rear end.

    NOW.... i am doing a diesel swap and need to change the gears in the front and rear, which options do i have other then 4:10..which i have now ???!!!!!

    I was thinking somewhere on the line of 3:50ish ????

    Does anybody know what GM or so made to stick in there ????:neutral:

    Please remember that its a 4X4 and they have to match and the front is a 12 bolt diff...rear is a 14 bolt full floater 1 ton axle !!!!!!!


    PS, the story behind this is i dont want to loose much pulling power ..but i also dont want to just go 65 MPH on the highway !!!!

    I am thinking either a 3:42 or 3:73....but i dont know if i can find them for a 4X4 in my aplication so they match up.
    This is basicly the question i am asking and if so , where to find them !!!!!!?????

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