Had to do the hardest job I have ever had today ...

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  1. I'm a Vol. fire chief in the small town I live in and have been in fire service of about 31 years give or take. and this morning I had to go tell one of my firemen's wife that she lost her son in a car accident. My fireman was out of town about three hours away also so its hard to tell a mom she lost her 18 year son. and if you know any firemen most of them have scanners at home so she hear us tell dispatch we were doing CPR and then to call the M.E.. Sure ruined a nice 2013 GMC Sierra 4x4 crewcab. looks like he was driving a little fast and went off the road and came back on and off the other side and back on side ways and blow a tire and rolled about 4-5 time and came out of the truck while it was rolling.

    I sure do not want to have to do that again.
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    Wow, I can't imagine. 18 years old huh? Jeeze, what a shame. God bless you and the other first responders, I know it takes a heavy toll sometimes and we don't often say thank you enough.
  3. its not as hard when you don't know the person but when your kids grow up together and you work with the father for the last 17 years since we have been in town.
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    You guys have a job few of us envy. A friend of mine is a VF as well, a number of years ago, he and others responded to a 2 car head-on. One of the cars was his sister and her kids. The sister didn't make it.
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    Ugh, that's like a bad b-grade movie plot. Just can't imagine.

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