Hagerty - Worst insurance I've dealt with.

Discussion in 'Car Insurance Reviews' started by Dinis55, Apr 27, 2012.

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    I was looking for an insurance company for my '72 El Camino. Hagerty had me jumping through all kinds of hoops. I had to gather all my repair orders, list all the new parts, take photos, and fill out page after page after page of the application.
    In the early part of the process, I checked the boxes that stated that my truck was in a carport and that I drive it daily. When it came time to submit my application (after a couple of days of gathering the info and entering it), I noticed that on the PDF view of the application way back in "Section I" it says they will not cover my truck unless it's in an enclosed in a garage and locked up. Also they won't cover me if I drive the truck.
    I emailed to ask about this since the application allowed me to check the boxes otherwise, the response I got was that they will not cover vehicles in California in a carport or that are driven daily.
    Why the hell did they not say that in the application when I checked the boxes? They had popups for everything else!
    Obviously they were going to take my money, but weren't planning on paying out if I had a claim.
    I'm not angry because they don't cover my situation. I'm angry because they hid that fact in section I of the PDF version of the application and were about to take my money for no good reason.
    I ended up wasting hours of my time and got nothing but frustration from them. I don't know what company is best for my situation, but I know I will NEVER do business with these (expletive-deleted)s.

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