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Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by JC8865, Feb 12, 2012.

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    I had my (Ham) Amateur radio mounted on a custom console in my 05 and now want to install it in my 08..anyone install one of these and if so any suggestions on where to mount it? obviously not on the dash..but was wondering if you used a center hump mount or what options I have..also anything specific I need to know about routing the wiring? I always solder my connections as well as use wire loom over everything..I install GPS and sattelite units in semis sometimes but their is alot more room in a semi than my Silverado..lol..just looking for opinions..Thanks.

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    What model radio are you using? If you have one that's remote-head capable (857d, IC-7000, etc) your install options increase greatly. I don't have a new truck, but I would say anywhere that gives you good visibility of the screen, and doesn't block anything important like air bags is good to go. RF interference might be a worry, but it should have been in your 05 too, so it shouldn't be a big deal you haven't dealt with before.

    What bands are you looking to operate on? What's your antenna choice going to be? Inquiring minds want to know. :great:
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    I use an ICOM V-8000..just run 2M for Skywarn,Emergency Comms and Event Coordination, I finally found a place to mount it today after work..the lower console area in the middle of the seat has a lock on it..well I use that space for my first aid kit etc etc..so I poppped the lock out and used a nice piece of maple with a countersunk hole and mounted the maple..then mounted the radio to that..worked really well and didnt have to drill any holes anywhere..easily visible from driver seat...for the Mic I benta piece of AL and double sided taped it to the inside of the ashtray (wich I dont use) so it stays closed..bent a small hook in it..polished it up and use that to hang the Mic on...now just for wiring and coax..Antenna is a Firestick and thats going on the tool box..once all complete I'll get some pics up..Thanks for the reply..much appreciated!

    JC (KC0UTE)
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    A firestick for 2M? How are you pulling that off? Did you trim it a lot or something?
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    Firestick used to make 2M antennas...got his one about 7 years ago..best antenna I ever had...dont even know if they make them for 2M anymore..bought my ny replacement firestick coax off ebay..with the Fire ring end for the stud mount.


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    Link to 2M Firestick


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