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  1. I was looking for some agressive all terrain tires, but i found some semiagressive M/T tires from Hankook for the right price of only $158.90 a tire. But the question is are Hankook tires a good brand or are they the cheap one like kumho tires. Tell me what you guys think of the tire. I found the tire at tire-easy.com if anyone wanted to know.

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    I have had the A/T for over year on 05 Suburban & love them, quite & excellent traction & wearing very well, good in the snow. I recently purchased M/T for my 90 Suburban but havent used much but seem to work well on road, quite & smooth, not bad in light snow. Paid little over 800 installed for 33/12.50/15.
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  4. The Cooper's tire looks like a on road tire to me. how well do they do in snow and mud? Also how well do they self clean?

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