Hard shifting/ squeeking on 5spd. manual

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Crispyt, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. Crispyt

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    I recently posted a question about a ****ing problem that ive been having on my 1995 C1500 2WD truck. More recently its become worse and is making a squeeking sound sometimes. Basicaly, when im at a full stop and im in netrual sometimes its very hard to get it to go into any gear, other times its fairly easy to. Once im moving its pretty easy to shift gears although now im starting to hear a squeeking or squealing sound when I shift gears. It seems to happen most when im putting pressure to get it to go into gear when its being difficult to shift. The odd thing is that it only does it sometimes and sometimes its fine. Could it be a bad throwout bearing or pressre plate? The cluch itself is only about 2 and a half years old. I had a new set put in then. It may also be one of the clutch cylinders but none are leaking and it doesn't make it shift any better when I pump the clutch. It seemed like one day it was all woking fine, and the next day I started having these problems and there getting worse.

    Any ideas? Thanks for your help all

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    for some reason it blocks the word shift....ing but thats what the **** are
  2. Blacksheep1

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    My guess would be throw out bearing, but I'm new to my 5 speed. Haven't owned anything with a hydraulic clutch before.
  3. Crispyt

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    Actualy I just went outside to start it up for the 1st time today and I noticed that it makes a squeeking sound sometimes when Ipush the clutch in. Not always but sometimes. Its not a really loud sound but you can clearly hear it squeeking alittle bit when you have the clutch pushed in ad even when im in netrual. Shifting is still hard though once in a while.

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