hard starting 1990 k-1500

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    i have a 1990 k-1500 4x4 with 5.7, 350 v-8 with 140k mileage.
    lately on some days, when hot, a turn of the key will crank it over as normal, but wort start, like there is no spark or fuel.
    3 years ago when i first purchased it at about 115k miles, i put a new ignition module and coil on it, and just recently tuned it up completely with rotor, cap and plugs. wires were replaced 3 years ago. about 1 year ago i had a new fuel pump and relay installed.
    wonder if i should start by installing a new ignition module and coil, since those are easy to access ?
    hope it aint a fuel problem again.... i really dont care much for these injected motors... i like old school manual fuel pumps and such.
    any thoughts guys ?

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    oh yea, when it wont start, i turn the key off, try cranking again, and most times will start the second time. a few times i had to do this 3 times before it would start. once started, it runs fine and smooth and never cuts off once started.
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    The only way to know for sure is to check things out while it won't start. The first thing to check is the spark. Pull a plug wire and if you don't have an actual spark tester, put a spark plug (with a wide gap) in the boot. Be sure the body of the plug is grounded good (you can use a good jumper wire) and have someone crank the engine over while you look to see if there's a good, hot, blue spark. Don't forget to check for corrosion on the coil tower and the coil wire tower on the distributor cap. Also, the rotor can "leak" through to the distributor shaft, which will cause it not to start.
    While you're at it, remove the air cleaner and watch for fuel spray from the injectors while it's cranking as well. It's a pain, but the only way to tell if your fuel pump is working correctly is to put an accurate test gage on it. The spec is 8-12 psi. but of you don't have at least 10, it's not going to start and run well. Have you removed the fuel filter to see if it's plugged?
    Another easy fix is simply to make sure all the computer grounds are good and tight, expecially the 2 on top of the intake manifold near the front. The one on the thermostat housing bolt is especially troublesome. I never put it back there. Instead, I relocate that wire to one of the studs on the manifold bolts. Hope this helps.
    Good Luck and God Bless.

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    wow, thanks for the help Rev..... so far it is starting every time. when i get a chance i will do the simple things you stated, like cleaning the computer grounds on the intake and thermostat. 12 months ago i did the fuel pump and filter, so hopefully they are still good.
    thanks again.

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