Has any one been to the track

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by heavy chevy, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. heavy chevy

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    Has anyone been to the track in your Silverado trucks. If so what time did you run and what do you have done.

    1/4 at 15.32 at 93 today pretty proud of that in a 4.8

    1/8 at 10.01 at 76

    k&n cai with the lid on , cherrybomb pro exhaust, and a superchips programer that isnt working right. Heck that run was on the 87 tune. My performance tune is slower than my stock tune. Superchips enginers are looking into the problem. Ohh and heavy aftermarket 20s
  2. plumber_rob

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    I plan on going to the local track sometime this spring.
  3. BANDIT5.3

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    Hey I have an 04' single cab short bed and i ran a 14.89 @ 94 in a 1/4 and a 9.68 @ 78 in a 1/8 with a 5.3 with cold air intake, flowmaster 40 series, and a throttle body spacer. Now I have shorty headers, no cats, 8 mm taylor wires, and a custom tune from hp tuners. I just got all that while I was home on leave from Iraq and didn't get the chance to go back to the track to test it before I had to come back, but the tune definitely made a huge difference on the street.

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