Has anyone done an E-Rod engine swap?

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by Tachyon, Sep 13, 2012.

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    The erod LSA looks sweet! I've got the 6.0L Caddy engine in mine (LQ9), and love it. I tow 10Klbs on cruise control over 7.5% grades (4000RPM is the sweet spot, and that sucker kicks out a ton of power at 55MPH uphill). I can't imagine the giddy joy I'd get running the 6.2 at 500+ HP. :)

    Thanks for the morning pep up!
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    I helped a friend drop an E-ROD LS-7 in a Deuce Coupe earlier this summer, probably one of the easiest engine swaps I've ever done, if you get the whole package its a plug and play deal. No figuring out what wire to connect where.
    The set-up is universal so theres parts provided that allow you to change your installation for the intake and exhaust, makes fitment much easier, and having all the electronics mapped out is a big plus.
    We pulled the existing engine/trans and wire harness, installed the new wire harness and controllers, engine and trans, and had the car running down the road in two days, all with basic hand tools and out of a garage with no special lifts.
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    Sounds like an awesome project. And he ends up with a powerful, reliable vehicle that probably even gets decent mileage.

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    If I ever hit the lotto, I want to put together a Factory Five Racing GTM and drop in one of the bigger E-Rod engines.

    I'd also like to put one in an old full size, solid axle Blazer.
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    My dad just bought the lsa for his new project. He was telling me tonight how amazing the package gm offers is. I'm going up to his shop tomorrow. If I don't get stuck working on my truck and don't forget I'll take some pics of his collection of Chevys

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