Has anyone seen this supercharger kit??.. Thoughts on Value, Quality, Truth in HP??

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by the phantom, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. the phantom

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    Saw this as a topic of discusion.. http://www.superchargertuning.com/Chevrolet/Silverado/

    Voltage Stabilizer for noise to the spark plugs?? Is this really up to a 10hp gain?
    Fuel management chip for sensor near airbox(mafs) im assuming? up to 10% hp/tq gain?

    I guess the magic word is UP TO..

    Kind of funny on how it says on the home page works up to 5.0liter engines but are discussing the 6.0 liter under chevy silverado.
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  2. tbplus10

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    "K&N Style Filter - 4 inch opening with turbine fan. Fan moves when air flow starts."

    I like the wording they use "K&N Style Air filter", what K&N is the only ones that use a conical filter. At least K&N doesnt try to put a whirly gig inside their filter and charge you more $$.

    You'd probably get better results and save money by taking the heating element out of your wifes hair drier and plumbing that in as a force induction fan.

    Voltage Stabilizer Module / Grounding Cables - This device improves vehicles performance by filtering noise and improving electrica delivery to your vehicles spark plugs and accessories. Gains of up to 10HP have been dyno'd. It also includes a grounding kit which will mount in your engine bay. The grounding wires will improve vehicles alternator to chassis grounding, resulting is less noise and better power delivery to the rest of the vehicle.

    First I heard there was a voltage stabilization issue with the GM engines, their using a variable switch to break down the signal coming from the MAF sensor, probably leaning out the fuel mix which yea will save "some" fuel, but not noticeable gains that'll justify the power loss and other issues.
    For less than $20 in connectors and wire you can add your own ground straps.

    Fuel Management Chip - Stage 1 - Up to 10% HP/TQ - Designed to optimize gas flow to your engine increasing performance. Installs on a specific sensor near your air box. Includes full instructions. This product will help increase horsepower by optimizing fuel/air mixtures.

    fuel management chip? be interesting to see what it's specs are, unfortunately they dont post that info.

    Snake oil, cures whatevers broke except your broke wallet.
  3. aloxdaddy99

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    This is what a supercharger looks like.http://www.edelbrock.com/automotive_new/mc/superchargers/gm-truck/
    What you have linked looks like a Tornado taken to the next step. Something that someone walks into an auto parts store lookng to spend some money for little to no gains. I agree with tbplus this is just another flavor of snake oil.
  4. the phantom

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    I agree this shouldnt be called a supercharger kit. It should be called something like a airforce induction kit or something. Just curious if anyone has tried something like this. Although I dont see myself purchasing one unless I got positive, trustworthy reviews of it.
  5. Jimmeh

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    Not that kit specifically, but I have been thinking of doing a super charger on my truck for awhile.

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