Has anyone used Borgeson Replacement shafts???!!!

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Burnall4, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. Burnall4

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    Here is there website: http://ww2.borgeson.com/TRUCKS/CHEVY.html

    I had the intermediate steering shaft replaced under warranty but its still popping, and I want it gone, my truck only has 26k miles on it. It shouldn't feel like this...so I have been searching for a replacement for it, and aftermarket, beefed up replacement to get rid of the popping/clunking once and for all! So has anyone had experience with this particular brand or know of a good brand to go with?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Jimmiee

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    I bought 2 U-joints and their slip yoke shaft and made a custom shaft for my FJ-40. Their products are very well machined and they are also very proud of them price wise. <G> They have the double D shafts as well as the OE splined shafts. Good stuff and they are very knowledgeable on the telephone.
  3. Burnall4

    Burnall4 Member

    Thanks Jim ~ are they the only guys that make a replacement shaft for our trucks that cures the popping once and for all?
  4. silveradotrailblazer

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    Has anyone used Borgenson Replacment shafts

    I installed a Borgenson shaft in my 05 Z-71 after using the so-called factory fixes that didnt last. Installed easy and has lasted longer than the GM shaft and fixes.
  5. Burnall4

    Burnall4 Member

    Thats the info I am looking for! How much do they run for everything? I am having a hard time finding the price, I saw one in passing on one of their pages and it said to be 225?
  6. Jimmiee

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    Since my shaft has not started popping yet I can't answer that question. I would buy one from them and probably will once mine starts making noise.

    I know Flaming River makes this stuff too but when I called them they were rude on the phone and treated me like I was stupid. I had an old advance adapter spud shaft that I wanted to convert and the guy told me they never made the shaft. I told him he must be new and that pissed him off. :)
  7. BlueNGrey

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    Hey guys, sorry to dig up this older post, but I am having the slight rattle/clunking I can feel in the stearing wheeel when taking turns on on/off ramps from the highway and sometimes when accelerating into a turn from a stop like at a light or stop sign. Is this what you are looking at for a replacement for this issue? I have done some research and alot of times it states there is a noise from under the hood that you can hear if this needs to be replaced, but I have not heard any particular noises, I can just feel this knocking/rattle in the steering wheel. This is what I found on one parts distributors website and was looking for something a liittle beefier so that I don't have to swap this out twice when I find the GM part still doesn't fit the bill... Any Imput?

    Also, Burn, Did you go ahead and swap out with the Borgeson? If so, how did it go?

    GM PART # 19153614
    PACK QTY: 1
    CORE CHARGE: $0.00
    GM LIST: $92.00
    OUR PRICE: $54.54

    DESCRIPTION: 99-07 1500 Fullsize truck upper steering column intermediate shaft

    This upper steering column intermediate shaft has been designed to replace your current steering column shaft that may be making a clunking type noise under the hood and can be felt in the steering wheel and/or steering column. This condition may be felt while making low speed turns or on rough road conditions.

    Intermediate shaft P/N 19153614 has been designed to replace previous designed dampened and non-dampened Intermediate shafts and will not look like your original.
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  8. dsfloyd

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    yep thats what they were talking about. I think I have felt the clunk in most every gm vehicle even new ones

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