Has Chevrolet changed their OEM hitches, or did the body shop put on the wrong one??

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    (I have a 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LS.. 5.3L V8, Automatic Transmission,
    Extended Cab Short Bed 2 Wheel Drive)

    I got into an accident last week.
    I was towing a trailer, and someone rear-ended me doing 40mph when I was at a dead stop.

    The trailer was totaled, but luckily, not much was done to the truck.
    I took it to a local body shop the same day, and they said that the frame rails at the hitch were slightly bent, the bumper was bent, and the tow hitch was also bent.

    The body shop assured me they would be using GM parts from the local Chevy dealership.

    When I got my truck back today, I immediately noticed the trailer hitch does not look like it use to.
    In my opinion, it looks aftermarket.
    However, the body shop showed me their invoices from the Chevy dealer where they had ordered the hitch from the Chevy dealer.
    I called several other dealers in our area, and they all confirmed this part number. (Gave them my VIN and they said it's the right part number for that VIN..)
    The dealers all also said Chevrolet has not changed their hitch on the 1500 models since 1999 and they all should look the same.
    They all said the part number is 19180779.

    But, as you can see in the picture below, there are some very noticeable differences..

    I know I had an OEM hitch on the truck to begin with. My other Chevrolet truck, which I bought new, has an OEM hitch and they looked identical prior to this accident..

    I'm thinking that they put an aftermarket hitch on it and are trying to claim it's an OEM.. but that's just my opinion.

    Anyone else agree with me that this possibly is not the right hitch?
    Anyone know if Chevrolet has changed their hitches??

    (click for a bigger image)
    Before the accident:

    After the accident, prior to being repaired:

    After the accident, after being repaired:

    The old hitch that use to be on my car:

    The new hitch has the part number 19180779
    The old hitch has the part number 15106789

    15106789 been superseded by 19180779?
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  2. JRD761

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    So does that mean that my original hitch is not available?
    I hate how this one looks.. it looks aftermarket, cheap, and not as good as what I originally had! :no:

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