Has the Chevy Suburban seen the end of the road? How do new Suburbans compare?

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Chevy Suburban - Still Relevant?

  1. Solid Yes - Still fills an essential need.

    128 vote(s)
  2. Somewhat Yes - The world has changed, so has it.

    28 vote(s)
  3. Somewhat No - Gas prices too high & smaller families today.

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  4. Solid No - It served it's purpose, time to move on.

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  1. AdrianR

    AdrianR New Member

    My daily driver is an ´85 4x4 Suburban with the 6.2 diesel - 22mpg easily and lots of power. When that motor dies, I'll have it rebuilt.

    GM's mistakes (for there are many) include dropping the diesel option from the Suburban. As others said, it has become more of a gussied-up SUV and less a workhorse-with-comforts.

    If I ever buy another one, it will be a diesel pre-1992 - hate the way the new models look.
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  2. Als09Sierra

    Als09Sierra Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    My biggest issue with the new ones is the price. I did a search last night and the first few came up in the 60k range. If I ever get one, it will be pre-owned. Plus, most are sold with the 5.3L. I like my 5.3, but for a Suburban I would prefer the 6.0L or the Duramax.
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  3. tlhodgson

    tlhodgson New Member

    Chevy Girl is right in that the Suburban has become a soccer mom vehicle. I hate to see it happen that way. I am positivie that GM will keep the Suburban. It has ruled the world of the full size SUV for so long that it has achieved icon status. GM would be foolish to discontinue it. And in spite of gas prices, they still sell pretty well. I think the role of the Suburban has been at least partially taken over by the popularity of pickups and smaller SUVs. Seems like everybody has a pickup nowadays, and now you see utility trailers everywhere. So Suburban no longer has to fill the roles it once did. It is now a glorified station wagon. I believe it will live on, but will adapt to the market.
  4. bluestreak94

    bluestreak94 Rockstar

    The suburban will be continued for many years to come, there have been some bumps along the way, like droppping the fold flat 2nd row seats, but it still fills a gap no other vehicle can, I've had a 1994 1500 2x4 with the tbi 350, I have a 2004 1500 4x4 with the 5.3 and a 2007 2500 4x4 with the 6.0 and all have done it all with flying colours and whether it be driving the kids to soccer, hauling sheets of plywood or pulling my camper or utility trailer none comes even close. Not to mention the fact that if proper maintenance is done to them they cost next to nothing in repairs. In the last 9 years with my three suburbans i've put in about $3000 in repairs ( 2 fuel pumps on my 94 and a tranny on my 04 which was slipping 2 years before I finally decided to change it )
    I would definately love for GM to wake up and drop a DURAMAX into a suburban, I'm positive that that alone would give the Suburban a HUGE boost in sales as well as giving us big family haulers the equivalent to a monster pickup but with the ability to haul around our little angels! just my 2 cents!!!
  5. Jacqson

    Jacqson Rockstar 100 Posts

    I think there is still a market for Subs. Just a smaller one.
  6. ElbowJoe

    ElbowJoe Member

    Rock on Suburban!

    Funny. I was just thinking about this last week when I saw an older Suburban on the road. I love my '03 Suburban. Wouldn't trade it for anything and my wife feels the same. I think new ones are pretty neat, but the points made earlier are valid. Chevy needs to offer a working mans version of this truck. Used to be a time when you could pretty much order a truck how you wanted it but now you have to get what they offer in packages - even if you don't want what comes along with the package. You are beginning to see the Japanese and Europeans offering more flexibility here. I hope the US automakers are taking note. Not everyone has $55K plus to shell out on a new vehicle. It sure would be an interesting test bed to see GM strip things down a bit and see what sells. I would think that the aftermarket folks would love it too. Could see some rather interesting configurations this way. They probably won't do it though because it makes too much sense.

    For me, I plan on driving my '03 till the wheels fall off:great:.
  7. Psyc0

    Psyc0 Rockstar 100 Posts

    Mine's an '04, and when the wheels fall off, We'll install some new wheels, bearings, yadda, and continue. :lol:
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  8. lt1george

    lt1george New Member

    GM doesn't care. Did you forget about Oldsmonile and Pontiac. If it isn't going to make money.......it will be Gone.
  9. Nargg

    Nargg Rockstar

    I think, and truly hope they will stay. My father drove a '72 Suburban, the truck I learned how to drive in. This was by all accounts a very "utility" vehicle.

    My last purchase, a 2011 Silverado was almost an Avalanche, which we all know is just a converted Suburban. Only price kept me in the Silverado, as I would have preferred the Avalanche. I do think that Chevy should consider a "Work Truck" version of the Suburban. One that is much more utility minded and more simple inside. That I believe would bring back the sales for the vehicle, bringing more people who need a real work vehicle.
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  10. 80cutbrougham

    80cutbrougham New Member

    there will always be the need for large families to have large safe vehicles to haul the kids around with and the occasional need to move large items. and there will always be a need for contractors to have a big enough vehicle to move tools and materials around with ease other than in pickups. i cant see the suburban disappearing... what i can see is it being redesigned as a better work truck

    i guess in the end we'll see what happens when it happens

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