Has the Chevy Suburban seen the end of the road? How do new Suburbans compare?

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Chevy Suburban - Still Relevant?

  1. Solid Yes - Still fills an essential need.

    128 vote(s)
  2. Somewhat Yes - The world has changed, so has it.

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  3. Somewhat No - Gas prices too high & smaller families today.

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  4. Solid No - It served it's purpose, time to move on.

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  1. jmccarrell

    jmccarrell New Member

    I have a 99 Suburban and I love my beast. I have the half ton 4wd version and get an average 20mpg out of her with almost 170000 miles on the clock. Mine has the third row seats as well. The only think I dislike about it is the lack of quality of the plastic parts on the inside, but I am able to overlook that because this truck is very reliable and I love that I can either haul the wife, mother in law, and my four kids in it or I can throw the old tool bag and a few sheets of plywood in the back. I am fond of the look of the new ones but the price tag is way out of reach for the average working man. 45-65k for a suv is just rediculous. I mean really I can buy a whole house for that price tag. I can't fathom justifying paying that much for a vehicle that is now designed to haul people and not much more. They don't hold their resale value too well either. I do believe the Suburban line of trucks will be around for a while but hopefully GM will get back to the roots of its design and purpose and lower the cost a bit was well to make it possible for the average guy/gal can afford to get one. Leave the creature comforts to the cadillacs. Cadillac is supposed to be the luxury line not the Chevy or GMC's. Anyways, I plan on driving my 99 until the wheels fall off. I had a 97 Expedition once and although it had a lot more power than my Suburban it lacked in the space I need and the gas mileage my Suburban has. I just hope that GM doesn't get rid of this rig.
  2. Pikey

    Pikey Moderator Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    I have to agree with a lot of the other posts. GM has gone way over the edge with creature comforts. They could leave the DVD players, heated seats, and all the other unnecessary options for the Cadillac version. The adding of all the standard options have inflated the price beyond the reach of the average consumer. That being said, I read this post and pulled into church Sunday and noticed that a majority of the vehicles are Suburbans, Yukon XL, or the Caddy version. It could be that I live where a lot of people work for GM or a Major GM supplier. This year our family decided that we needed a Suburban. After looking around at new 'Burbans, we ended up with a 03 yukon xl. We could not see paying another mortgage payment for a vehicle. I would like to see the Diesel Suburban return. I have some friends at GM power train and have heard rumors about them testing a 4.5L diesel in the suburban. While it would be nice to have a diesel, I would like to see the 6.2L diesel option. I also use the vehicle as a truck. I can fit the kids, dogs, and all of our gear and still tow the boat.
  3. Kraziken

    Kraziken Rockstar 100 Posts

    Just went to the car show a few weeks ago. Besides emblems and some exterior body differences. The Cadillac, Yukon XL and the Suburban all looked about the same.

    The configuration I never see (and I know they still offer it) is the 9 seat configuration. I guess if I ever want a new Suburban, I'll have to special order it. It doesn't come often a lot, but sometimes it would be nice to seat 9 folks. Or in a pinch, haul 6 people and still move a bunch of cargo.
  4. JETHRO271

    JETHRO271 New Member

    I love my 2006 Suburban. would not trade it for the world. I can haul the young'ens around without them wanting to kill each other "will you stop touching me" !!! I can also yank out the 3rd row seating, completely fold down the second row and pack that baby to the gills.

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  5. kkrafts

    kkrafts New Member

    I have an '83 and just love it. It seats 9 and there is plenty of room. I had an '89 but it was the work model. I was drawn to the body style. My '83 has the 350 engine, where my 89 had the 454 which I kind of miss that part :happy:
  6. MattSOL

    MattSOL New Member

    Hello Matt here, I own a 2003 z71 suburban.

    I really liked this vehicle, had no problems for six years, changed fluids, filters regularly, lived in colorado and it was my wife's daily driver, very little usage, and we towed a small pleasure boat with it every summer, two trips,
    Up and back to the lake. Fall of 2009 we relocated our family to Argentina where wife's from, and we brought this vehicle with us as it only had 70K miles on it. Due to some red tape etc, we were finally able to start driving in sept. 2010. Checked all the fluids again, ok. February of 2011, on a road trip the vehicle shut down without warning. Holy s..., I restarted it, it kept driving, tis happened after about four hours on the road, and continued to happen without warning roughly fifteen times over the next five hours, nearly killing my family and I on several occasions. Had the truck looks at, diagnosed, changed the fuel filter as bad fuel was suspected, tranny fluid ok. On the return trip we made it eight hours without issues when it started shutting down again without warning at highway speeds. Well, after another few weeks of sporadic in town use it stopped shifting into third gear. Had it diagnosed locally, but I did not have much confidence in this mechanic so I shipped 600 miles to someone trustworthy near family. This was in september, got a good German mechanic that completely reviewed the tranny overhauled it and the solenoids that correspond, the guy works on automatics but typically Mercedes and BMW. So the tranny is in new condition, he replaced the fuel pump which was causing the vehicle to shutdown, but the tranny still will not shift third gear or fourth obviously. Four months later and almost two years without being able to use it, we are running slim on options, more so in a country where this vehicle does not exist. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, sincerely Matt SOL in Argentina.
  7. TMair

    TMair Member

    I would suggest you post this as a new thread here in the Suburban area rather then replying to a sticky thread, you will probably get more people seeing it.
  8. PantheraUncia

    PantheraUncia Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    I see allot of people that have 2500's and not happy they can't get the duramax and alison transmission in them... more un happy people.
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  9. bluestreak94

    bluestreak94 Rockstar

    I've had the last 3 generations of Suburban, 1994 TBI 350 2x4 1500 , 2004 5.3 4x4 1500, and my 2007 6.0 4x4 2500, my dad had an '86 6.2l Diesel 2x4 1500 and has a 2006 5.3 4x4 1500, these trucks are in our blood, yes there have been changes to them throughout the years, good ( improved, fuel efficiency, power and plenty of creature comforts ) bad ( the loss of a DIESEL engine, the INabaility to have a sheet of 4x8 anything lie flat in the back although you can still put it in just not flat and too much electronic gadgetry for my liking ) The suburban was is and always will be needed, whether it's for work or play, there's nothing like it on the road, not too mention that no matter what anyone says BIGGER IS SAFER! I'll gladly shell out a few extra bucks for gas in order to be safer, just ask the guy in the Toyota Corolla they towed off after totalling his car on my rear bumper which is just a bit dented ( passenger side about a foot long dent, toyota down one bumper, hood, grill, lights, and a radiator) Just my 2 cents!:lol:
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  10. longbeach

    longbeach New Member

    I have a '97 K2500 Suburban, that although it has it's quirks still drives like a dream on the highway. I got his thing,because I couldn't find a used pick up that wasn't totally trashed. I removed the third seat folded down the second seat and laid in a bed of plywood. Just like a pickup with a shell. If the federal government would stop totally pushing and subsidizing electric vehicles and encourage some looks at other fuel saving technologies we'd be way ahead. The Scuderi (Scudergroup.com) cycle is one of the most promising technologies out there, but you don't hear about it because the government is not behind it. If they could get this thing going we could be driving suburbans with gas engines and getting high 20's mpg. Whoah!! And we don't even need an electric charging station (of which there aren't any anyway). But, I hope the suburban lives on.

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