Have a 2004 chevy 1500 want to do some mods, any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Photo & Video Gallery' started by regcab, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. regcab

    regcab New Member

    ok so its a reg cab short box, maroon, 4wd, and rims and tires already but not my favorite, tonnue cover, and subs and audio.
    truck 002.jpg
    thinking lift to level or lower? and color match bowties soon, window tint, what else?
  2. barefoot greg

    barefoot greg Rockstar 100 Posts

    nice lookin truck!

    the rim's look nice but dont really match the truck know what i mean? On a 2wd, I'd say lower it and they'd prolly look good but since you have 4x4 then a lift is deffinately where my vote sits lol. Leveling kits are inexpensive and relatively simple to install and really help with the stance of a vehicle which can dramatically chang its look.

    As far as mods that I'd suggest:

    Leveling kit or full suspension lift
    New Rims & Tires, 33's would look great under there!
    Bug Deflector
    Window Tint
    Performance Programmer aka chip (by far offer the most bang for the buck for wakin up the stock motor)

    P.S. If you plan on swapping the exhaust, Having duals exit infront of the rear tires would look great on your ride! just my $.02 lol

  3. regcab

    regcab New Member

    Thanks yeah i dont like the rims either had them in shop from my old truck and they looked good with that but with this truck im thinking black with some chrome rims would look good. and right now i just have money to level, tint, and exhaust i was gonna get dual straight exit. but good suggestion on in front of tire i might do that!!
  4. regcab

    regcab New Member

    What rims should i get? Poltergeist__80902__60132_1346379862_1280_1280.jpg viswar_gbf_ang.jpg

    what exhaust should i get?

    [h=1]Gibson Performance 5516 Super Truck; Dual Exhaust Kit $(KGrHqN,!n0FD+OMiEWQBRL8gJ0lh!~~60_57.jpg [/h]

    [h=1]99-08 Chevrolet GMC Truck Mandrel Dual Exhaust FullBoar[/h] lkjhgfd.jpg

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  5. 01stepside

    01stepside Rockstar

    Well....for starters...I have always loved that body style. Hands down the best looking Chevrolet to me. If it was mine...I would get lift keys and pick the front of it up just a little but higher than the rear, take the side molding off, black out the windows, get a cold air intake, get duals, get a chrome bull guard, and change rims n tires....

    Honestly, I would go with the first set of rims you have picked out. I would rather have black n chrome rims on a dark colored truck...know what I'm sayin? And definitely go with duals out the back. I have the same Gibson side exhaust and it sounds great, just not loud enough for me...plus I have accidentally run over a curb and the way it come out the side, it bent the tips. Pretty easy fix, but I'm looking to change to something out the back now.

    Something I just thought of tho....if you want to go kind of custom...get the first set of rims, get m/t's or a/t's, and paint the black part on the spokes maroon to match the color of the truck. That would be nice....

    But that's my opinion. Lol long opinion but like I said you have a perfect canvas. I love those trucks and I'm sure whatever you decide will look great. Just keep motivated lol
  6. regcab

    regcab New Member

    so far just blacked out bow tie and new rims. i was looking at other two rims above but wanted a wider stance so went with these. got them cheap not sure if i will change them or not haha but have appointment next week for tint doing back 5% sides 20% and he said he could do the front bow marroon... havnt decided on that or just black pry wont no till im there.. any opinions on that?

    - - - Updated - - -

    oh and also once spring actually comes here in wisconsin im getting rockers and cab corners replaced.
  7. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    How about another update [MENTION=59313]regcab[/MENTION]?

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