have a question, how do you remove the vent tube from 2002 Silverado transfer case

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Rickey, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Rickey

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    Hello everyone, I've been checking out this website for awhile now, and am impressed with you all! I have a question, and a problem, would greatly appreciate some help!

    I went to change my transfer case fluid, and got the drain plug out. SOmeone who owned the truck before me over-tightened the fill pug and stripped it to the point of it being round.
    I've tried lots of things to get it off, but only stripped it more. I cannot get the fill bolt out.
    Can I add fluid through the vent tube that's on the top of the transfer case as an alternative to removing the bolt??

    IF SO, how do i remove the tube?
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    Year/make/model please.
  3. Rickey

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    HI, thanks for reply. I have a 2002 k-1500, short bed.

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    Just to update the situation, and to help other folks that may encounter this problem.

    The head of the bolt was almost completely destroyed, as it was beyond round at the point in which I tried to remove it. I tried to use a visegrip on it, and it made it worse.
    I just borrowed a Craftsman bolt extractor with the spiral fluted insides, and it took only 4 seconds to remove the old bolt!
    Now I'm heading to a Chevy dealer to get a new bolt. Then I'll refill the transfer case. Problem solved!! Hope this info helps others!

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