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Haven't been on here in forever! Done LOTS to my truck!

Discussion in 'Photo & Video Gallery' started by zachmilz, Nov 2, 2012.

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  1. zachmilz

    zachmilz Rockstar 100 Posts

    I'm seeing a lot of trucks that I don't remember, but I don't think I've been on here in at least a year if not more. Anyways, my name is Zach, I'm 18, stay in Houston, and I have an 05 crew cab. WELL, I don't know if anyone remembers me, but last I was on here I think my truck was leveled in the back, had the stock rims painted black, and that was about it...besides like alarm, leds, hids, systems..etc. Well, back in March I hydroplaned into a ditch and my truck hit a telephone pole in the bed and a stop sign at the back door and messed it up pretty bad...so I took the bed off and bought a new back door from a guy out in the country. While my bed was off I decided that I'd buy a lowering kit like I had planned on for so long and put it on. So, I bought a McGaughys 5/8 drop kit (2" spindles, 3" springs in front; 6" flip kit and my 2" shackles I already had on in the back) A WEEK LATER, some kid that didn't like me decided to slash all of my tires in a parking lot. So, I got him on camera doing it (used to work at the store), told him to pay me what the tires were worth plus some, and I went out and bought some 22" rims with tires already on them for a steal. After I lowered it and threw the rims on, I bought a bed for my truck and the truck was FINALLY starting to come back together, but come May we got a REALLY bad flood out in my neighborhood and around 5am on a Friday I was driving to work and drove straight into about a foot of water. Flooded my engine out to where it couldn't even be fixed and I was gonna have to throw a new one in. So, that was in the middle of May, so I started saving up to get my truck repainted and to throw an engine in. By the very end of June I had saved up a gooooood amount of money, so I put my truck in the shop to get the whole thing repainted and to put a used engine in it. My truck didn't get out of the shop until the very end of August after a lot of reasons why it was taking so long, but I got it back and it's not running right and I ended up paying DOUBLE than what I signed for at the shop, but I'm just glad I have my truck back and it's looking better than ever. Right now my truck is repainted (special color, only Silverado EVER,) has about 60k on the engine, and I did little stuff like paint all of the plastics, shaved another tailgate and welded in a rollpan for the bumper, painted the door jambs, has a 5/8 drop, and other little things. And, YES, I'm gonna put on the SS bumper and paint it to match, just haven't gotten around to it yet. By the way, these pictures don't do justice, the color is amazing in person! WELL, that's about that, any questions, or how it looks, etc., let me know below!! Now the plans are to have it bagged starting 2013!

    TOO LONG TO READ? Haven't been on here in a while, check out my truck now.

    How my truck looked when I was on here a lot:

    Wrecked it on the driver's side, bed off with rims, front was stock height, back was 8" drop:

    With the bed on right before I flooded the motor out (I shaved the tailgate and rollpan in myself):

    WELL, here she is now, I'll post a few:

    And I threw some stock 20's on a few days ago for the time being until I get different rims:

    Next are bags! I know most of y'all aren't into lowered truck which is pretty much why I don't get on this forum a lot, but I've put a LOT of time and money into this truck so far, so comments/opinions are greatly appreciated!

    Thanks, Zach

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