Having trouble bleeding my rear drums???

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by vettetrax, Dec 14, 2009.

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    Hey guys, i have never had this problem on any of my vehicles before. I just replaced my master cylinder, rear wheel cylinders and front calipers. HOWEVER when I tried bleeding the system, the rear wouldn't bleed properly.

    I used the buddy system, had my dad up in the truck pump a few times and hold then i would release the valve. Fluid would shoot out the first time, we'd do it again NO fluid comes out? we try it again NO fluid comes out of the bleeder??
    This happens on both rear drums.. BUT when you wait atleast 30seconds and start over fluid will shoot out the first time but no other times after that??

    The front calipers bleed normal

    My question is, what could cause the rear to bleed the first time but nothing after that??

    I did bench bleed the master cylinder correctly and I am using the proper method to bleed the brakes in the correct order. My truck is equipped with ABS for the drums, could that be affecting the bleed process?

    BTW during the test drive, all the brakes work. it does not pull to one side and the rear DOES lock up if i slam on the brakes.. but i can also press the brake pedal to the floor? frustrating lol
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