Hazard switch causing no brake lights

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  1. garvey06

    garvey06 New Member

    My 2000 Denali has a problem in the hazard switch on top of steering column. The Brake lights were out except the over head strip, and after investigating, found that the hazard switch when moved slightly will then allow the lites to work. So for the most part they work with a little piece of tape holding the switch to the side. The dealer says this has been a common problem, but the switch is $300 with a couple hours labor. Is it tough to remove the column to get at it, or do I just bite the bullet and have it done? I imagine the airbag is an issue.
  2. ChevyFan

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    Does the hazard switch move over all the time? That seems like a lot of labor for the hazard switch, I guess you're right it's pry the airbag stuff.
  3. garvey06

    garvey06 New Member

    The hazard switch doesn't move much at all, but I have to jam the piece of tape on one side to push it over to left and the brake lites will work. I have seen these switches on ebay and some parts suppliers for $100, they call the multifunction switch (cruise, wipers, turn signals) and is replaced as a whole. Thanks for the reply.

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