Head Rest Monitor Install

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by smpoulin1, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. smpoulin1

    smpoulin1 Member

    Has anyone installed their own head rest monitors? If so, any pointers, tips, or helpful hints you can give? Kind of nervous about cutting into the new seats, I've never installed them before.

    Thanks in advance - Steve
  2. sweetjones04

    sweetjones04 Member

    Hello, I would say leave that to the professionals. Do you have leather or cloth?
  3. sweetjones04

    sweetjones04 Member

    I found some videos online.
  4. smpoulin1

    smpoulin1 Member

    Mine are cloth.
  5. identityPRS

    identityPRS Rockstar 100 Posts

    you can buy the headrests on line that already have the screens in them. all you have to do is take out your old headrests and just drop the new ones right in. then all you do is power em' up and your all set!! they have them in all different colors and cloth combonations. thats what i would do if i were you.
  6. dbobrow

    dbobrow New Member

    Headrest Monitor Install

    Hi. I see a lot of them on ebay. My question is, how hard is it to install? Is there any hardwiring that you have to do?
  7. audiophile22

    audiophile22 New Member

    I hated doin headrest monitors. unless you have upholstery or install experience i would not try this yourself.
  8. dbobrow

    dbobrow New Member

    Sorry. I should have clarified. The ones on ebay I am seeing already have the monitors built into the headrest. My main question is, do they have to be hardwired for power, or can they run into a cigarette lighter port? I don't mind running the wires down, it's when you have to mess with fuse panels is what scares me :)
  9. EagleTalons

    EagleTalons Rockstar 100 Posts

    I'm sure you could modify the end to plug into a cigarette lighter, but wiring into the accessory block on your truck would give it a finish feel. Also if you are worried about having a fuse in it get a remote fuse holder from your local auto parts dealer. It splices directly into the line and you have that safeguard there.

    Also you may want to purchase a valet so you can enjoy your monitor in the headrest. =)
  10. raisor87

    raisor87 Rockstar 100 Posts

    they are super easy to install just take your time take a deep breath and follow the instructions provided. Also I will assume you have an aftermarket head unit and possibly an amp and some subs, if this is so you can run the power for the monitor off of the remote turn on (blue) wire on the back of the headunit. No toggles to forget to turn off, no messing with the fuse panel. Good luck hope to see some pics when your done:great:

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