Head swap, Cam swap, cheep mods, and Torque specs and more

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  1. darnie1987

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    When rebuilding my engine I found this webpage contains a ton of info with step by step instructions how to do some of the major components, such as:

    • Performing a cam swap
    • Performing head swap
    • Torque Specs
    • How to create a coolant bypass
    • How to port your Throttle Body
    • And much more.

    Read more: http://www.ls1howto.com/

    Also if your new into modding and enjoy reading or watching how to videos here's a great site for you


    Hope this helps. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. i had a bunch of other links on my old computer but lost em. if im able to find more ill make sure to share... ​
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  2. mfleetwood

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    Lots of great info here....thanks for sharing!!!
  3. darnie1987

    darnie1987 Rockstar 100 Posts

    lol no problem, thanks for the help.... trying to do this and honey do's suck! haha
  4. marksoldtowne

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    hi darnie1987
    yes ,it is great knowledge about rebuilding of engine,it has lots of benefits like Increased displacement,
    Increased compression ratio,Increased ability to tolerate higher boost,.Potentially lower weight if you usegood & lighter components etc

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