Headers and cat delete on 05 Z71 does any body have this set up ?

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by jjjg_02, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. jjjg_02

    jjjg_02 New Member

    I'm thinking about cutting the cats out of my truck was wondering if anybody has done this on this new of a truck and how it works? also i'm looking at putting the summit racing headers on my truck and was wondering the same thing if anybody had this? also do they bolt right up or is there any mods i need to do to the factory mid pipe?
  2. x1LSUTigerfan

    x1LSUTigerfan Member

    my buddy had his cats cut off on an 03 avalanche and the only thing is that the service engine light comes on because the emision of no cat to the 02 sensor behind the cat i can give you a link to his truck on youtube if you want!
  3. jjjg_02

    jjjg_02 New Member

    yea send me the link. has he been able to get the light to go off or does he just let it be?
  4. x1LSUTigerfan

    x1LSUTigerfan Member

  5. Stealth

    Stealth Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    I would not cut off the cats, emissions is a huge problem, and if you go with high-flow cats you will add power and keep the missions legal. I have a friend who cut the cats off of his jeep xj, and it was so loud a cop pulled him over, checked for cats, and then fined him because he did not have any. he just paid the fine and had to weld them on to get emissions done. just not a good idea
  6. JennaBear

    JennaBear Rockstar 100 Posts

    The stock cats are high flow cats, why are you wanting to cut them off?
  7. 05_Z71

    05_Z71 New Member

    i was thinking about purchasing these headers as well! can any one chime in that might have these already. are they easy to install? the price seems to good to be true considering gibson and edelbrock are 400 bucks or more! i know these are ceramic coated but still.
  8. JennaBear

    JennaBear Rockstar 100 Posts

    Just make sure you get long tube headers, shorties are pretty darn close to stockers.

    DAREDEVIL Rockstar 4 Years 1000 Posts

    Sorry , that i am jumping in to this thread.....i am new here.........i have a 96 5.7 Vortec Suburban and just stuck some SS Headers on it.
    I also whant to get rid of the cat's and maybe the EGR tube....is that posible ???
    My service light is on even though i changed the sensors ALL,,,,,still show's p134 and EGR ?!

    Thanks .
  10. Nickw059

    Nickw059 Member

    Let me know what all you find, i have an 04 silverado with the 5.3, flowmaster exhaust, i'm looking into getting summit headers too! I notice you have a grantelli MAF, was it hard too put in? did you notice a diffrence? would you reconmend it?

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