Headers on stock 97 Jimmy 4dr 4wd.

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    Has anyone replaced their exhaust manifolds with headers? I'm wanting to but high blood pressure is about all I've been able to find. Most links I've visited go from what I'm looking for (stock engine) to headers for engine swap to V8. And the couple I've found that suppose to fit have with no reviews or very few. I'd appreciate any insight, thx in advance!!!!
  2. kennythewelder

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    I have summit racing shorty headers on my 97 Silverado 5.7L Vortec (350). They have been on the truck for about 3 or 4 years. I am happy with them. They give you better take off power, but don't do a lot at high RPM. If you get some, there are a direct replacement for the exhaust maniflods. If you get a set, get a set of Felpro header gaskets, and some VHT header paint, and strip and paint them before you install them. The paint they come with will burn off very quick, (like the first or second time you run the truck). but VHT header paint will last a long time. If you go with stainless steel headers, they don't need to paint them, but will turn blue from the heat, in time. Long tube headers do better at high RPMs but they are not a direct replacement. This means, you will have to do some custom exhaust work, (cutting and welding). DSCN1585.JPG DSCN1586.JPG

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