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  1. Jordan

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    I have a 99 Z71 with a 5.3, k&n intake and a y pipe and duals. Will headers, true duals with an H pipe with stock converters make a big sound difference? Which headers make the biggest hp gain in 1-2 rpm long tube or shorty? Will high flow converters hurt the low end power because of less backpressure?
    Any help appreciated.
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  2. GoFastPadre

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    Hey, Welcome to the site! You will not see and added HP from shorty headers. LT's are the way to go. I have true duals on my truch with Magnaflow HFC's with Flowmasters. In my opinion if you loose any lowend trq it will not be enough to notice. :glasses: The next mod you should consider is a custom tune eithe Wheatley or Nelson. I will be getting mine from Nelson when the time comes
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  3. black jack

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    go LT headers with high flow cats you will see a big dif in your truck. i did it with my 05 gto and what a big dif in sound and performance you wont regret doing it.

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