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    Im looking to buy some new headers on my 2002 Silverado 5.3 liter but I don't what actually to buy the difference between shorty headers or any other type of headers could someone explain to me the differences and who makes the best and the metal they use whats the best.
  2. finalday7

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    I'll let someone else go into more detail but as far as who makes what and who are the best: Dynatech long tubes are the best. They are also the most expensive at around 1500 bucks. But you get long tube headers ceramic coated with custom y pipe and high flow cats. They're the full package. I'm not sure who else makes long tubes for your truck but as far as shorties go you've got JBL,Gibson,Edelbrock and more. My buddy has a set of chrome Gibson shorties on his 06 and loves them. If possible try to get ceramic coating because your headers will last much longer and I'm pretty sure it helps keep the exhaust temps down. Hearders are expensive and if someone else is installing them expect at least 250 for install.
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    alot depends on what you expect from your truck. long tubes have better tourque, but give up ground clerance. some trucks and or cars do not have a choice since there might be issues. if you have to worry about smog you should verify the EO number......i am installing long tube -try-Y headers in my 502 Big Block motorhome.....i post pictures as i can....mike

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