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  1. bubba030303

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    what would be the best headers for my 05 2500hd 6.0L, or would headers be good at all because i wa sgoin ot get a high flow cat for it but i was told they already have them. so would it be good to add headers?
  2. masterfoxscout

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    Well, I'd say Banks or Gibson. I personally like the ceramics. I was going to put headers on my truck, but the performance place steered me away. (Imagine turning down money....) They said that the AM headers don't always line up right and often have leaks, causing issues and reducing power. I can see that being true. Hopefully someone can chime in who has had exhaust manifolds replaced.
  3. silveradotrailblazer

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    I have 05 1500 4x4 with JBA short tubes with titaium coating. I went with the shorties for mor off-road clearance. If I had a 2wd street truck I would use the Dynatech long tubes with there high flow cats. I have over 70,000 mile on my headers and no issues, had over 140,000 miles on my Suburban with the coated shortys and also no issues. I do retighten my header bolts about every 12,000 miles with a torque wrench.

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