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  1. tooqik2see

    tooqik2see New Member

    Does anyone here know of a company that makes titanium/ceramic coated LONG tube headers for an 2002 2500HD 6.0 liter? I have checked eveywhere I can think of and all I can find are the shorties!
  2. rotaryenginepete

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    i have been looking at getting some Edelbrock TES headers for my 5.3, they aren't exactly long tube but they aren't shorties either. all the dynos off of them have put up good numbers, around 15-20hp gains. most of what is out there for your 6.0 is shorties from what i've seen. if you get TES or long tubes, there's most likely going to be some cutting/welding required for installation.
  3. tooqik2see

    tooqik2see New Member

    yeah i looked at the edelbrock headers. i believe that is what i'm going to have to get. the long tube headers offer the most torque/hp though....thanks for the info! do you like the edelbrock's?
  4. silveradotrailblazer

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    Check out American Racing Headers, Stainless Works, Dynatech and Kook headers. They all make good long tube headers.
  5. tooqik2see

    tooqik2see New Member

    Thanks for the heads up!!! I've heard of Dynatech but not the others. I will definately check them out! I knew you guys would know where to look! Thanks again, you guys ROCK!!


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