headlamps.on 2010 silverado

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by ricky lap, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. ricky lap

    ricky lap New Member

    how can you keep them off at dusk or dawn,im a hunter and some times i like to have them off,when engine is running in park u can turn them off with the park break 1 click in but as soon as u pull her in drive the lights come back on.is there away the lights will stay off?
  2. bvogts25

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    yea you can disable the lights, but you have to do it everytime you restart the truck. if you know the light switch to the left of the steering wheel, you just turn that counter clockwise when the truck is running. but if you want to start the truck with them off when its close to dark or dark, just hold it counter clockwise as you start the truck. hope this helps
  3. ricky lap

    ricky lap New Member

    tried this,the lights go out but soon as i engage it into drive they come back on ...tried turning them out with truck in drive,they won't go out..

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    bye the way thanks for the info.
  4. canislupis69

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    Could you pull the fuse?

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