headlight and grill ?

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    The adjusters was one problem I had on my headlights. They aren't exactly made like the stock ones and are more flimsy (mine were plastic 7mm adjusting nut heads). To fix that, I canabalized the stock headlights and put all the black plastic adjusters from the stocks on the back side of the clears and that has solved my nightmares. Had to use a little JB Weld in some places too.

    Didn't take long to do. If you can get some pictures of what it now looks like so we can bask in the glory that'd be awesome :lol:
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    the only other thing is there is no bulb gaurd and the lenses are all clear so the have no ridges on the low beam so they may be blinding to ppl but idk ..
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    Thats with any HIDs in a stock style headlight. A projector lens if I remember correctly with focus all of the light onto the road in a well dispersed pattern. With the convex lenses HIDs work the best I believe. It will cut down on the glare to other motorists which I'm not too fond of.
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    I put HID's in my low beams on my 2000 Silverado about 2 months ago and I got OEM replacement headlight cases from Cert-I-Fit and my cases have all the ridges in the lenses; In the last 2 months I have not had anyone get pissed at me about the HID's becasue the ridges in the lens change the dispersement of the light.
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    019.jpg 021.jpg 023.jpg 025.jpg

    the pics arent the best quality because they were from my phone
    Btw i cant wait to plow some snow with these !

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