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    Hey all. 2005 Chevy Silverado. After I replaced some bulbs in my a/c heater control unit, I went into the headlight switch to get the little indicator lighted up for the interior light dimmer. Used this handy DIY http://www.****************/forums/topic/69672-the-official-led-how-to-guide/ Then I got to thinking how I would really like to know if the headlights are on, especially when it's raining and it's sort of light out so you can't really see if the Auto has turned them on. So I thought maybe I could light up the indicator for the dome light (which is not lighted) and use that as the indicator for "headlights on". The DIY is great, but I found if you go to EBAY and get these LED's is so much easier in this case. http://www.ebay.com/itm/271041283686?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649

    Here is a pic of AUTO mode with dome dimmer lit in blue (can be parking light indicator)
    and dome light (now headlamp indicator) lit in green

    Here it is in parking light mode where dome dimmer lit in blue and headlamp indicator is off

    Now here is manual headlight mode. Again dimmer in blue, headlamp in green.


    Here is the back of the headlight switch wiring harness. I tapped into the brown wire with a white stripe. It provides the bat+ line to the led light. You can use a paper clip end to unlock the wire out of the harness if you want to solder a lead onto it like I did or you could just use a wire tap. Brown wire is the tapping wire.


    Here is the bcm (body control module) located at the driver's knees behind the panel. Has 2 - 7mm screws and pulls out from the top as it is clipped in. You must first pull the instrument cluster trim off to get this off. The 2nd connector from left has a pink wire with white stripe. It is 4 wires over from the left if the connector is still plugged in or A4 printed on the connector. There is another similar looking wire but it is supposedly red looks a little darker, don't touch that one. Anyway the pink/white is the ground feed for the headlight relay. Use this for the neg - side to the led light. You could go and run a wire from the relay under the hood but this is much easier. The yellow wire is the wire I used to tap into the pink/white wire.


    I'll try to post some pics of how I installed the led's without using the stiff leg ones. For the dimmer, I used white and drilled a hole the size of the led inside where the dimmer wheel sits. I then cut out the lower edge to run the wires out to the + and - circuit board leads. Used a blue rubber from the bad lights I took out of the a/c heater control unit to get blue and soften the light output some.

    For the headlight led I drilled a hole in the back of the switch to run the led wires through. Then I took scotch tape and wrapped it around the led and wires real tight like a cigarette only really small diameter up about 1.5 to 2 inches. If you have a small diameter dowel that would work too just wrap tape around it so the silicone doesn't stick to it. Then I took clear silicone from Home Depot and dabbed it onto where the dome light pictograph is. I shoved the led around that gluing it to the back side of the headlight cover and ran the silicone around it to make a tunnel. Let that dry and used a small knife to carefully release assy from silicone. You now have a silicone tower with a hole in the center. I then put a blue rubber on the green led and shoved it into the tower but left it near the top. That way you can adjust the light output I kept this distance as it is soft like the rest of the lights and doesn't draw your unwanted attention by being too bright. Also had to cut the side of the tower a little to get cover back on the switch.

    Then just wire it up. Voila!
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    Great Idea and Nice write up!!!
  3. timsilverado

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    Thank you!

  4. BRB46

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    That's a nice mod. Did you have to buy 10 of each color. Looks like they already had the resistor built in. How long were the leads.
  5. timsilverado

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    Had to buy 10 that's how they came. The leads are a good 5" long. Resistor is built in so you don't have to hassle with that. I have quite a few leftover.


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