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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by MikeRi24, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. MikeRi24

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    My 2006 Silverado seems to be having headlight issues. I was driving last night, and all of a sudden my headlights went out, both at the same time. The high beams DO works, so thats what I used to drive home. Both Low Beam Headlights fuses in the under-hood fuse box were blown, so I replaced them, and I turned the lights on, and nothing. Checked the fuses again and they were blown again. I got the test light out and started checking things. there is no power to the factory harness (I say that because it takes the whole plow harness out of the mix). I DO, however, have power at hot side of each fuse. I figured if I made a small, temporary jumper wire to replace the fuse, that would tell me that something keeps blowing the fuse. That didnt work. I pulled the relay for the headlights, and checked each pin with the test light and NO power there. I recently install a set of HID headlights about 3 weeks ago, but they have been working flawlessly the whole time so I don't really see how that could have anything to do with it. But for the hell of it, I pulled those out and out the factory bulbs back in and replaced the fuses once again, and they still blew out right away. I DO have a Boss plow on the the truck, however I did check and everything is working properly with that. The factory headlight harness has to plug into the plow harness which then plugs into the headlight bulb itself. As I said I'm not even getting anything at the vehicle plug, so its not even getting to the plow harness. I am completely stumped. What else is between the fuse and the plug that could be the problem, and causing the fuses to constantly blow?
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    What wattage were the HIDs?
  3. MikeRi24

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    The HIDs were 35W. I took those out and tried plugging the stock bulbs back in with new fuses and they still popped.
  4. SurrealOne

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    Ok just making sure they weren't beyond spec for the vehicle. It is common for people to place 65W HIDs into the 55W low beam harnesses and then wonder why things went wrong. Since the low beam harness is rated at 55W there shouldn't have been risk of the 35W HIDs damaging the vehicle wiring due to sheer over voltage. (A wire carrying too much current gets hot ... melts its protective casing, and usually shorts or gets hot enough to break under motion.) It is, however, possible, that the HID ballast failed/surged and sporked the truck's wiring.

    I'd start looking for shorts in the wiring somewhere. That's the only explanation I have for blowing fuses. If all you changed was the addition of HIDs, they likely were the cause in some way/shape/form ... as mere coincidences are not common in my experience in the electrical world.

    Let me know what you find out, as I've read about this sort of thing after HID installations but never run into someone who has experienced it.
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  5. Ethan

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    I bet you anything those HID lights you installed melted your wire somewhere and is causing a short to ground past your fuse block. Look for any wires that are melted to the chassis or body, anything in contact with metal.

    This is why you don't ever change anything on a car that's electrical and pulls high amperage, the stock harness is designed for the stock parts, not for anything that may pull even slightly more amperage.
  6. dipstick

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  7. sea_goin_dude

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    Could be a wire melted and stuck to fender someplace. or the hot lead to your low beams passes through the fender somewhere and may be grounded there due to insulation wear due to normal vibration. If so you can put shrink tubing (several layers) there go protect the wire where it goes through the fender...good luck
  8. sstoner911

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    What size fuses are they? I would check your ballasts and see how what they are pulling in amps. Maybe try a stock bulb and see what happens...start simple work your way from there.
  9. Dana W

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    Check the headlight switch itself. Those things have a rep for not being able to handle extra loads.

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