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    2001 1500 4WD Suburban. My dome light dimmer roller on my headlight switch is not functioning properly. When I roll it all the way up to turn on the dome lights, it will not illuminate the dome lights, I have to force it very hard to get the dome lights to come on and if I let go, the dome lights go off. The roller also does not vary the intensity of the dash lights either. Also the whole headlight switch housing gets very hot at night when the lights are on. Should I be mister obvious and assume that I need a new switch?? Thanks for not slamming me on you response. Alex
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    Yep, I would go with a new switch.

    Adv. Auto prolly has one on their shelves.

    Set up an account w/ them online and order online and use promo code P20 and you should get 20% off....
    Those things I think are around $70 for that year truck. So $14 off is good.
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    Thanks Mightymax. I will check out Advance Auto. Nice to get help from a fellow Hampton Roads resident!
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    :happy: Didn't see you were from VA.

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