Headlights always on ?

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  1. nutlug

    nutlug New Member

    I just picked up a 97' Tahoe and the headlights are on most of the time , even with the switch is off. It looks the same as my 95' K2500 , but I'm trying to figure out if there is a problem in electrical system or what ? Why would there be a off switch if you can't turn them off ? Thanks , Steve
  2. Pikey

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    Those are considered driving lights. They are on for safety. You will notice that your tail lights do not turn on unless you turn the switch to on. I am not positive about that year, but you may be able to press the dome light/overide button quickly 4 times and it might shut them off.
  3. nutlug

    nutlug New Member

    The dome switch did not work, but I found out that if you tap the emergency brake they go out.
  4. Kady

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    Its normal, Its the daytime running lights. I had a 96 Suburban, did the same thing. There is a way to bypass it, if you don't mind the little green indicator light on in the dash... I don't remember if we pulled the fuse or did something with the bulb, but you can get around it. The dome override switch only works on the 00 and up.

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