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  1. 66impala

    66impala New Member

    Help my 2001 Gmc yukon xl headlights stop working. High beams work lows do not. Changed relay and no go can hear the relay clicking. Just found this when i start my truck at the store but worker when i went there. Thanks Mike.
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  2. Boonduff

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    Same thing happened to me on my 98. I spent half a day testing the headlight harness and switches , and found nothing, finally replaced both bulbs and all was good. Somehow both my low beams burnt out at the same time.
  3. Billy D

    Billy D Rockstar

    Do the driving light go on? I have the same issue with a 98. The high beams will work. The low beams will not unless I turn the switch only to the parking lights at night which illuminate the dash and the read tail lights. I am pretty sure it is a bad switch for the light position. Just got a used one off ebay and will give it a try possibly this weekend.
  4. 66impala

    66impala New Member

    Yes fix problem. Ground wire broke fixed worry then grounded to body. now when i have high beems on my slowly stay on been driving around for a month or light more than a month and no problems. If you have them problem it can be a few things the BCM or ground wire.
  5. Naptime

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    High beams and driving lights, but no low beams usually mean a defective multi-function switch.

    There's a brown wire that can fail after years of tilt wheel use.

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