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  1. bigbuck493

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    hey yall just wanted some input. I realllly want a lot of light on my truck, part of the reason im getting 2 130w kc daylighters and 2 55w led offroad lights to fit on the nfab bar im getting... butttt i am getting the fog corner bumper pieces and i kinda wanna do an hid conversion and i know, i know hids in halogen housings are illegal but i wanted to try doing the lows but i CANNOT AFFORD A TICKET!!! i am installing a flowmaster super 10 so the last thing i really need is a reason for a cop to pull me over but just wondering if 35w 5000k hid from hidguy.net if aimed low enough and close enough in would keep me from getting a ticket. (I wanna do em in the fogs but i hunt in the hills and go out to the cabin all the time and live off lake erie so installing hid in fogs would only make the fog a million times worse at least i think... not to mention the snow lol) give me some thoughts guys!!!
  2. the phantom

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    I didnt know HID's in halogen housing are illegal. How does a cop know that the headlights that you have on are illegal when hes coming at you. unless they are overly bright in oncoming traffic's eyes I cant imagine they would be an issue. IMO if a cop turns around and pulls you over just for that then hes just being a richard.:lol: You see HID conversions on vehicles all the time. I guess it would be just like we see illegal tint all the time and headlight covers ect. so I guess when you do things like this you take your chances. Also if your in Buffalo the city cops there dont give a $#!^. But if your near the lake by angola ect. then I can see your concern.
  3. bigbuck493

    bigbuck493 Member

    wait you sound like you know the area pretty well! where do you live haha?! and im in the town of tonawanda and the cops here are @$$holes and idk what your talkin bout with buffalo cops?! lmao and the hids have to be in projector housings otherwise they have insane amounts of throw with the insanely bright light so yea if my muffler doesnt get their attention then the freakin lights will:rules:
  4. the phantom

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    Ha,, Yeah I live in the southerntier around Springville area. But I worked all around Buffalo and suburbs. Cops down here have pulled me over twice so far in my brand new truck. Ive had 2 window tint tickets so far. I was pulled over because they say they couldnt see my taillights.(I have led taillights that emit no light off to the side but are DOT approved.(Cop said didnt matter its NYS law. lol)) I guess if I wanna play I have to pay:rules::lol:
  5. bigbuck493

    bigbuck493 Member

    son of a bitch.... i was gonna get the spyder led tail lights..and i go down there alllll the time! we gotta meet up because your truck might be the sexiest red silverado i ever seen. i saw a diamond tricoat 2011 2500 hd paint to match front end and the thing was pretty much stock and my buddy in his 01 pro street cummins was like holy **** that thing is soooooooo nice, the front end looks clean! so i been doin research and im sayin screw the HID's im gonna try gettin an hd grille and puttin it in place of mine and i wanna do the bumper conversion but im just wondering because ive read a tonnnnn and its a lot of work lol
  6. the phantom

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    I havent gotten a ticket for them yet. I put a led light strip accross under my tailgate and of course each time I got pulled over it wasnt working.. I put a new one on so hopefully that deters them from pulling me over.:neutral:
  7. RAV52202

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    I really like my HIDs. I have them in stock housings. They seem to work great. But if you dont want to deal with the bacon I had really good luck with the silverstar and the silverstar ultra head lights. They worked really well for halogen lights. very bright. Juts a thought for you.
  8. bigbuck493

    bigbuck493 Member

    buddy just put silverstar ultras in his fogs and we could barely tell a difference and imho they are WAYYY to expensive
  9. moogvo

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    HID lights in a non-projector housing are dangerous. HID lights are designed to be focused with some sort of a projector lens. Halogen bulbs are not. When you put HID lights into a stock housing, it sprays the light out all over the place and blinds oncoming drivers... Plus, you are wasting a LOT of your upgraded light by not focusing it and having it light up things like trees, streetlights and such.

    I personally hate HID conversions because of how bright and blinding they are when they are coming at me. Here is a great litmus test: If people are always flashing their brights at you, they are overly offensive and should be changed. Sometimes it seems that some think that bright lights are a competition out on the road.

    As a first responder, I have gone to many accidents where one of the vehicles had aftermarket HID lights and the other driver said that they were blinded by them. I have seen insurance companies say "No thanks" to paying out when aftermarket lights are involved. Those with non DOT approved HID lights (Most of the ones on ebay) can be sued following a traffic accident and in some states, criminal charges can be pressed against the vehicle owner.

    What did it for me was when I saw a family of 5 become a family of 2 with no parents after crashing into a lifted truck with HIDs in the headlights and fog lights.

    Now in our town, if a cop sees a vehicle that has been retrofitted with HIDs, he pulls them over and makes them remove the bulbs to show the DOT approval. If there is no DOT markings on the bulbs, the vehicle gets impounded and driver gets cited for operating a motor vehicle without proper equipment.

    LED lights, on the other hand, outperform Halogen bulbs, have a LOOOO-OOOONG life and are designed to be used in OEM housings.

    Just my .02 - Worth every penny you paid for it.
  10. bigbuck493

    bigbuck493 Member

    i appreciate first responders greatly. my dads a volunteer fireman and i wanna join once im out of college. and i mean sure i was thinking of concentrating the lows lower and more in to keep from blindin g and i know they have insane throw but would it really be THAT bad? and i was considering led's but then wont i get hyper flash unless i put a resistor in and wont some leds give off more heat then the halogens causing my lenses to melt? currently i am looking at getting putco nitro blue halogens but only because i dont want to have to rewire resistors in. im just confused on that part of whether ill have to or not

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