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    So I actually have 3 questions here. First being: Is there any way to adjust the angles on the headlights on a 98 body style K 1500? I raised the torsion bars up, and now my lights are pointed too high, so I can't see very well at night. The only thing I can see is the 2 pin/screws that hold the plastic headlamp in place. Those don't adjust anything do they?

    Next question: what do you know about HID lights and/or the look alike bulbs. What's good, what's bad, what's easy to install, what will not fry my electrical systems? What is worth the money?

    And lastly, where can I find new headlamps? Mine are getting old and hazy inside, and I think it would help to get some new ones, and maybe even some that are more clear to begin with.

    Anything helps, and thanks in advance everyone!!

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    Not entirely sure, but I think to adjust the headlights, there are 2 torx head screws behind each headlight, and one is for left and right, one is for up and down. If you're gonna go for HIDs, spend on the money on a quality kit, the look-alike bulbs are crap. If you're worried about frying your electrical system, you can get an HID wiring harness for ~$25, and since it draws power right from the battery, you shouldn't have any issues with one ballast not working or flickering HIDs. That, and you won't overload the stock wiring when the HIDs first start up. To get HIDs, check out DDM Tuning here-----> http://www.ddmtuning.com/Product-Categories/HID-Kits-Lighting/HID-Kits or Futurevision HIDs here------->http://www.futurevisionhid.com/. Finally, check out this link for replacement headlights----> http://www.partsgeek.com/catalog/19...urban/body_electrical/headlight_assembly.html

    hope this helps!
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    For anyone who is curious, I figured out how to adjust the headlights. There are 2 torx head pins for each headlight that stick out of the grill. You have to back those all the way out, and then the lens slides out. Disconnect the bulbs, and you will see 2 more torx head screws that ajust the way the lens sits in the mounting bracket. Its kind of a pain in the ass and you have to guess and check (putting it all back together each time) to get them aligned the same, but at least I know how to do it now....Thanks everyone.
    I decided to go with a set of vvme 35w HID lights with a relay harness. Hope thy work well, I have heard good reviews on them!

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