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  1. L0sts0ul

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    Hey guys,

    just looking for some advice.

    I rebuilt the motor in my truck last year (SB 350, RV cam, crank, etc TBI) and I want to install new heads, and intake manifold. anyone have any suggestions as to what they have used or wanted to try?


  2. GRIFF

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    I am not really used to dealing with the tbi setup everything we get into end up with a carb on itl. We run a set of vortec heads on a car we have I can tell you alot about them if you are interested. In my opinion top of the food chain for bolt on performance heads are the AFR heads I just seen their cnc ported new head it is just beautiful but it isnt cheap. Dart iron eagle platinum are a nice lower cost head.
  3. Pete95Sierra

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    I would suggest lookin at edelbrock I know they make heads and intake/exhaust manifolds for the TBI motors

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