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heat prob with 95 Silverado heat then, no heat???need some help!PLZ

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by jteuban, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. jteuban

    jteuban New Member

    hello, I am having issues with my silverado. It was pretty cold today and I went to turn on the heat and it would run good and then get cold. I have also had probs with the fan just randomly cuts out and comes back. Strange. I think its the thermostat. Does anyone know what this is. No engine overheat, nothing else wrong.
  2. Pikey

    Pikey Moderator Staff Member 3 Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    If the fan is randomly turning on and off I would check the connecter under the dash on the passenger side. (right under the glove box). On my 95 it had corroded and melted. I just stripped the wires and soldered them together. Works fine now. As far has, heat, no heat goes, Keep your eye on the temp gauge. Is it at operating temp? Does it stay at operating temp? If you move the temp switch on the dash do you feel a difference in temperature? I have seen the switches go bad and it always blows cold air.
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2011
  3. jteuban

    jteuban New Member

    Thanks for the reply, it ended up being the thermostat. Acc the next day my dad drove it to work and it overheated, but luckily I had the thermostat already. So an easy fix, as for the fan speed, could it be the resistor? It works on all speeds but at idle it is hit and miss but driving its perfect that is why I think its the resistor. Or maybe a short in the fan?
  4. Pikey

    Pikey Moderator Staff Member 3 Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    could be the resistor. I would check that connection under the dash. Like I said it was so corroded that it worked hit and miss.

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