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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by elGordo0524, Sep 18, 2009.

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    2004 Chevy Silverado LS 1500... NON-digital temperature controlls (dual-lever that moves up and down)

    My temperature control seems to be stuck in FULL HEAT.... Tried to turn on the A/c and hear the compressor come on and it cools some but cannot overtake the hot air. Seems as if something is stuck??

    It is 100+ out today so I am going to by DYING....

    Any ideas? I already checked the fuses and nothing is wrong there.

  2. unplugged

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    It's best to isolate the trouble. AC or heater. With the ac off and the temp set low, does room temp air come out of the vents or HOT air? If it is HOT air, I'd suspect that the heater is not shutting off.

    If the air is room temp (whatever temp the outside air is) then turn on the ac and see if the air cools off.
    If the air doesn't drop to 50 - 60 deg. then there is probably an issue with the AC.

    You'll have to decide if you a able to perform ac work. You may want to get an estimate from your mechanic.

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