Heater ac problems

Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by CJRM112, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. CJRM112

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    I've just noticed that my heater and ac dosnt blow as hard as it used to it's still hot and cold but it dosnt blow as hard any clue on what's wrong. Thanks
  2. CJRM112

    CJRM112 Member

  3. dsfloyd

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    could be the blower motor. not sure if it speeds up based on voltage or not. ie the higher settings send more current etc.
  4. CJRM112

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    Yeah it goes hard then soft without touching the controls any clue if its pricey and difficulty of install
  5. J_chevyman

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    Possible Solution

    Hey do you know if your truck has the cabin air filters? They might be dirty ass hell and not being able to pass the ac or heater air. I had no idea they existed on my truck til last summer I wondered why my a/c was blowing out little a/c on high so I thought it was the freeon, I checked the line and it was full so I did some reach and found that I had cabin air filters, I found them and when I pulled them out they were COVERED in 7 yrs worth of dirt and all kinds of stuff, as soon as I put the new ones in...BOOM the air was blowing thru easy...that cured m problem...you should check if yours has them. Im pretty sure it does!!!:great:
  6. Thundare

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    If the air goes soft and hard it could be the motor getting worn out, maybe you should open the housing thathas the motor and see if there is anything maybe wound up with it. Course it could be just old and the brushs are almost gone.
  7. CJRM112

    CJRM112 Member

    Any clue on where the motor is?

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