heater blowing cold when temp is under 20 deg oitside

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by pewtersporty, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. pewtersporty

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    I have a 88 k1500 Silverado with 5.7. When temps get cold out especially in the below zero and.colder range, my heater is blowing cold. My stat is working as it reaches about 200-210 then opens and drops to 190 or so. Both heater hoses are hot and air is nice and warm above 20 deg or so outside. The temp control is moving the blend door and have good blower flow. When temps get really cold the engine temps go down to 150 and sometimes even less. I am thinking a cold weather front would be best start to keep airflow from radiator and get engine temps up. Any suggestions ?
  2. the phantom

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    Yeah its common to see people put cardboard or something in front of the radiator to help with increasing temp..Ive had a couple chevy trucks that seem to run unusually cool all the time.. Not sure why though.
  3. pewtersporty

    pewtersporty New Member

    This is the first gasser I have had issues with running cool. As said only when. really cold. I'll get a cold weather grill cover. Don't drive it much except in snow and so forth. Only has 94k. When I got it from my GPA( original owner) I flushed coolant system, changed thermostat, all coolant hoses, back flushed heater core. Changed stat from a 180 to a 195 since I pulled the plow and welded new rad core support brackets on with new bushings.

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